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History has been undeniably altered by a select number of people who had the courage to speak their truth aloud. But, it is not enough to have a great idea or a strong opinion - You must be able to ignite interest, engage an audience and express your ideas with purpose.

This is why many keynote speakers hire a speech writer. 

As both an avid storyteller and an experienced writer, I relish helping people to express their ideas or tell their stories. My role is to absorb your knowledge, listen to your story and take on your voice and style to craft the kind of talk you dreamed of delivering.

Let's arrange a call, have a chat and see if I'm the right speech writer for you.


The Process


We'll meet at least once on video call and mostly I'll listen and answer the occasional question. Here I'll learn all about your talk topic, as well as your persona and communication style.


I will write your talk in a style that suits you are ensures the material is delivered in the most impactful way. Whether that means using humour, being vulnerable, telling stories, sharing facts, etc.


Working together, we can review the first draft and make any changes needed to perfect your speech until you're so comfortable with your talk that you can't wait to take to the stage.

Book A Meeting

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