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Content Planning

Content must have purpose. 

Whether you’re devising content to build your professional profile or to promote your business, a scattergun approach never works in the long term.

You may have some success with some posts, you may even have something go viral, but random content doesn’t convert and it doesn’t build a long and loyal fan following.


With an in-depth evaluation of your goals, competitor analysis, keyword research and a deep dive into trending topics in your sector, I can develop content themes for you and devise a tailored strategy. From here, we create a rich three-month content plan.

Content Planning Services

A bespoke content strategy and a three month plan can be created from £500.

Content may then be produced and even published by Ms Marketing on a fixed monthly rolling rate. However, armed with a robust strategy and content plan you may also choose to create the content yourself.

Case Study

Theatre and Cultural
Attractions Sector

The Proposal

The client needed to build their reputation in the cultural attractions and theatre sector. They knew they should be producing content but had neither the ideas nor the time needed to produce quality content. They wanted Ms Marketing to produce monthly content for their website and LinkedIn but first, they needed a proper strategy.

Content Strategy

After clarifying the wider business goals and understanding the target demographic, I developed a content strategy informed by competitor research, SEO strategy and industry analysis. The content strategy established key content themes that supported the business objectives and crafted brand identity. 

Content Planning

Using the key content types and themes defined in the content strategy, a three-month content plan was created. In this case, it included three article briefs per month and ideas around social media posts.

Content Creation

Having developed a strategy and content plan, the client wished me to go ahead and create the content each month. With a content plan that includes an overview, target audience, purpose and SEO objectives for each article, the client can leave production to me knowing that all published content is building brand recognition, and promoting both their services and their values.

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