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transformative CONTENT for Purpose-led businesses


Identity is important. In life and in business.

We may know who we are, what our business 
stands for and what we do, but sometimes it's difficult to explain this to others. Effective communication is vital in building the relationships your business needs to succeed.

A good copywriter can help you to craft your brand identity. A good copywriter can help you create dynamic content that appeals to your ideal clients. A good copywriter can keep your customers engaged.

Lucky for you, you've just found one!

Hello, I'm Emily.

I am a freelance copywriter and speech writer.

 I love working with all sorts of inspiring business owners, especially female founders and eco-friendly businesses.

My services include Copywriting, Blogging ServicesWix Website Design, and Speech Writing.

Let's have a chat over Zoom and see if I can help you reach your online marketing goals.


Vibrant, persuasive and engaging SEO copy for your website


Website packages include design, SEO, Copywriting and training in how to manage and edit your website after launch


Launching a business? Our New Business Design Package includes logo design, branding and a stunning website


Creating unique search engine optimised blogs for your business


My 3-month Creative Content Package includes social media strategy, planning & posting as well as blogging


Got a story to share? Share your story with me through an online interview and I will turn your story into a Ted Talk style speech


Some Of My Lovely Clients

Rework Consulting - Ticketing Consultant

Rework Consulting - Ticketing Consultant (Content Creation, Articles And Social Posts)

AdMessenger - Advertising Software

AdMessenger - Advertising Software (Blogging, LinkedIn and Email Marketing Content)

Olive And Joyce - Natural Skincare

Natural Skincare (Copywriting, SEO and Blogging)

Blue Cactus Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing (Copywriting)

XC Photography - Photographer

Photographer (Content Including Blogging And Website Content)

Simply Sune

Menopause & Wellness Coach (Blogging)

Aubergine Legal - Commercial Lawyer

Blogging and email marketing services

SuperLooper - Preloved Baby Clothing

Preloved Children's Clothes (Website Design)

Out Of The Box

Out Of The Box - Eco-Friendly Gifts (Blogging Services)

Blue Lion Consultants (Construction Consultancy)

Construction Consultants - Website Design & Copywriting

Screenshot 2021-11-02 at 22.36.14

HR Consultant (Website Design)

LegalDrop - Legal Services Platform

Legal Services Platform (Copywriting)

Brighton Holiday Lets (Holiday Home Let)

Holiday Home Let - Website Design

427 - Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency (Copywriting)

Vintage Tent Company

Vintage Tent Company (Blogging)


Holistic Wellness (Blogging)

Handmade By Tinni - Eco-friendly Jewellery

Eco-friendly Jewellery (Website Design)

East Four - Eco Craft Kits

East Four - Eco-Friendly Craft Kits (SEO and Copywriting)

Jennie Francis

Online Hypnotherapy (Website Design)

Pri Pri - Sustainable Children's Clothes

Sustainable Childrenwear (Website Design & Copywriting)

Ej Trivett - Coaching

EJ Trivett Coaching (Blogging)

Blissed Out Babies

Baby Sleep Consultant (SEO And Copywriting)

What Clients Say

"Ms Marketing ghost writes my blog (shhhh). It's amazing how much each article sounds like me and how knowledgable it is about photography. I don't have time to write my blog but Emily writes it so well it brings in a lot of traffic and she makes me sound great! Plus, she plans content based on my business goals."
- XC Photography

Protecting our planet

Once, when I was a little girl, I was sad because it was raining. My dad told me to be grateful. ‘The rain,’ he said, ‘is what makes the world so beautiful and green.’ 


As I learnt more about the world I became, and remain, fascinated by the lifecycle of nature, the delicately balanced ecosystems and by the power of the earth to sustain life. I learnt to be grateful for the planet on which we're so fortunate to live. As such, I work only with companies that are eco-conscious in the way they go about business.


Many of my clients are purpose-driven and dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet and I’m delighted and honoured to be a part of this. I also work with businesses that have other goals but go to lengths to ensure that their success does not harm the environment. 


Unfortunately, I haven’t invented anything that can take the plastic from the seas, slow down climate change, or decrease the carbon footprint of industries such as fashion or energy. What I can do is promote those who can. Through my writing, I hope to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our planet and celebrate those who are driving sustainability. All that I learn as I do so is encompassed in my daily life, where I am dedicated to reducing my own carbon footprint, personally and professionally.


If you have a purpose-driven business dedicated to protecting our planet, please get in touch to learn more about copywriting and marketing for eco-friendly businesses.

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