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Great content can build brand reputation, engagement and even persuade readers to invest in your product or services.

Website Copywriting

I provide copywriting services to small businesses and digital marketing agencies. If you want engaging SEO copy for your website that tells the story of your business and leads potential customers to book or buy, then contact me for website copywriting services at £50 per hour.

Blogging Copywriting

Do you have a blog on your website you haven't added to in some time? Do you know how much blogging can help drive traffic to your website but either don't have the time, or the expertise, to write regular content?

I write regular blog articles for small to medium businesses, as well as for marketing agencies. I specialise in blogging for sustainability, wellness, family lifestyle, leisure and creative businesses. 

Highly experienced, I am able to adapt my style to suit the tone of the brand, incorporate effective on-page SEO and content plan for you. Where required, I am also able to source the right images to go with your content.

My blog article rates begin at £150 per article.

If you're seeking a freelance copywriter for blogging, please contact me to find out more about clients or check out some of my work on my portfolio.

Monthly Blog writing

Build your brand with rich unique content, ready to share on social media.


Here is how I create and manage thriving blogs for small businesses from just £300 per month:


We meet in person or on Zoom to discuss your business goals and content needs.


If we're a good fit then we'll have a good brainstorm and I'll put together a content strategy.

Freelance Content Strategist


Every month I'll write and publish 3 search engine optimised blogs on your website.


Articles will adopt a style and tone that reflects your brand, will include images and will be sent to you for approval.

Freelance Business Content Manager
Business Blogging Meeting


I set up a Trello board where we'll keep all our article ideas and manage content.


You can tell me what you'd like me to write about OR I can plan your blog content based on your goals and brand values.

Freelance Blog Writer


Your lovely new content will then be yours to promote through social media.

I can also design and send a monthly email newsletter or promotional email to your subscribers.

Check Out My Lifestyle Blog 
For Self-Employed Women

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