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A One-Month Blog Plan With Ms Marketing

Why Your Small Business Needs A Blog

Business is more than about delivering a service or product. Ultimately, there is just too much choice these days for companies to be one dimensional. Consumers and businesses are seeking to build relationships with companies whose brand reflects their values and aspirations. On one hand, our fast-paced lives mean we need companies to find us. At the same time, the rise of social media and a larger focus on social impact means many are more selective about who they will work with. This means businesses have to decide who they are/want to be, as well as what they do. Of course, much of this is done through creating a strong visual brand and refining the content on your website and social media pages. However, blogging can take your brand to another level.

What Should Your Blog Do?

  • Showcase your values

  • Reflect your brand

  • Highlight the benefits of your service/products

  • Establish and reinforce your interest and knowledge in your sector

  • Engage with your potential and existing customer

  • Drive the right traffic to your website

For more about why I believe blogging can transform your business, read Is Blogging For Your Business Pointless

What Makes A Good Blog Plan?

A good blog plan will be determined by your business goals and aspirations. An SEO (search engine optimisation) targeted plan is wise if you're keen to drive traffic to your website. If you're looking to elevate your social media engagement then you'll perhaps look for more clickable article titles and consider running special offers and producing free content. Or perhaps you wish to use your blog to strengthen your brand values and ethics, in which case you may use your blog to comment on news stories or draw attention to causes you believe in.

Your Free One-Month Blog Plan

Many businesses know they need to be blogging but don't know what they should be blogging about. Some have a blog but are finding it's not bringing in traffic or getting the engagement.

Either way, my free one-month blog plan can help you establish or grow your business blog. The one-month plan is designed to get your off to a great start, with a bespoke content strategy to suit your business.

Your Free One-Month Blog Plan Includes:

  • 20-minute video consultation for you to tell me all about your beautiful business

  • SEO research and a sneak peek into what others in your sector are up to

  • One-two page bespoke blog plan including three blog article ideas

Cost - FREE!

Book your consultation now (below) and let’s get started!

Blogging for small business ideas


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