You can have the most fabulous website, but if it's not showing on search engine results, then no one is going to see it. That's why SEO is so important.

I offer on-page SEO which means I can optimise your content so that search engines can read it and point users toward your site when relevant.

We do this by researching which keywords and phrases would be best to rank for and then we ensure these are placed in the right places throughout your website. We may decide to optimise different keywords and phrases for different pages.

Another aspect of SEO is to build up backlinks from other sites to yours. This helps you to become a trusted website, which means you will be more likely to rank higher in search results.

Your website may have been optimised at build, but that cannot be assumed as many web developers do not include this or may not understand your business goals well enough to implement it effectively. Regardless, search engines like to see websites that are updated regularly to avaoid sending their users to sites no longer maintained. Therefore, an SEO refresh is often effective at intervals and not just for new websites.

My SEO rates are as follows:

£35 for the homepage

£15 for every page after this

£50 for backlink building (minimum 8 backlinks)

Get in touch today and let's drive the right traffic to your website.

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